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What is Far Beyond Food Wellness Coaching?


A customized sustainable wellness program designed to help you kick start your life, lose weight, gain muscle, de-stress and have more energy starting today.

My goal is always to provide you with the most efficient and effective protocols to get you on track to achieve your wellness goals.

If you are curious about how I work and think, take a look at my recommended book page and recommended articles page.

I base my program design around the expertise of these authors and wellness practitioners. When you hire me as your personal Wellness Coach, you are not hiring me for my opinion. You are hiring the entire knowledge base of every author, coach and wellness practitioner I have ever read and internalized.


Everything I teach you can be learned on your own if you had the time to devote to reading and studying the material. The reason you hire and pay a coach is to SAVE YOU TIME.


Make Time For Your Wellness Before You Have To Make Time For Your Illness


Time is our most valuable resource and working with a qualified professional can dramatically cut down your learning curve and condense 10 years of material down to a few months. It can make the difference between your goals taking years and years because you are focusing on things that don’t matter versus a few months of correct focus.

We are all dynamic and different based on gender, age, activity level, experience, stress levels and nutritional needs yet many practitioners today are dead set on treating us as if we are the same.  When you work with me you will always receive 100% of my attention. This, I can promise you. You will never be just a number. I will spend the time to make sure you accomplish your goals so you can live a healthier and happier life.




Gold Program


Health and Wellness Coaching + Nutritional Counseling  – 4 sessions – 1 per week

Personal Training – 12 sessions – 3 per week

Personal grocery shopping guide – 2 trips per month

At home kitchen clearing session  – 1 session

Email and Phone access between sessions


Silver Program – ( Most popular program)


Health and Wellness Coaching + Nutritional Counseling  – 2 ( 1 hour long sessions per month)

Personal Training – 8 sessions – 2 per week

Email and Phone access between sessions



Bronze Program


Health and Wellness Coaching + Nutritional Counseling  – 1 session per month

Personal Training – 4 sessions per month – 1 per week



None of these programs are exactly what you are looking for?  We are happy to create a custom program based on your specific needs. As each program is tailored to your needs as a client, prices fluctuate based on packages and length of programs. Contact for more details.


Step 1

Schedule your initial FREE 1 hour consultation by emailing or calling.

Step 2

Before we meet for the first time, please read over the FAQ section on this website. There you will find answers to most of the general questions about the process we will be going through. You can also check out the books and articles section for a general idea of my approach to wellness.

Step 3

If we both feel like it will be a good fit, we will move forward and decide on which program is right for you based on the wellness goals you want to achieve.