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Complimentary Consultation : We will complete an extensive health history where you will have my undivided attention to discuss goals, challenges and plans in a relaxed and nonjudgmental environment.

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Far Beyond Food is a Holistic Health Coaching company located in Chicago. Here's what to expect: You will not feel rushed or hurried in any way as I value your time. My goal is always focused on how we can effectively and efficiently move you toward your goals in the best ways possible. We will discuss your goals, about creating a sustainable plan and how to get you there. I will also explain the program options available and you can decide which would be the best fit.

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We will sit down, do an extensive health history and discuss the plan and protocols that are right for you.

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Based On Your Goals, We Will Decide Which Program Would Be The Best Fit

Matthew Kirsch

Holistic Health Coach And Personal Trainer

Matthew Kirsch

Holistic Health Coach And Personal Trainer



For many people, someone truly listening to them is something they don’t experience in their day-to-day lives.  It is rare to find a place free of judgment where one can openly discuss their health, goals and frustrations with someone who is actually paying attention. That someone who is fully present, looking them in the eyes, listening attentively, not waiting until they finish before they give them a lecture about what they “should be doing”.  Doctors are there for us, but with more patients and less time, many people are lucky if they just get eye contact.

After years of coaching, I realize that most people know what they need to do, they just have big thick walls of limiting beliefs about themselves and their abilities in front of them. My job is to stand side by side with you in front of your wall and hand you the sledgehammer. As we talk, I point out weak points in the wall, and where it might be best to hit. Most coaches know you can’t force someone to change and that all change starts in the mind. My job is never to teach you to eat broccoli, you learned that a long time ago. My work involves listening to why you don’t “eat broccoli” or don’t want to, to ask the right questions at the right times so you can change your outlook. Not force feed you and expect you to like it.  There is a massive amount of health and wellness information out there today, yet we are still seeing rising obesity rates.  People are still jumping on and off diets only to go back to what they know during stressful times.  So, is it any wonder why people feel overwhelmed, over stressed, and hopeless?

We are all dynamic and different based on gender, age, activity level, experience, stress levels and nutritional needs yet many practitioners today are dead set on treating us as if we are the same.  When you work with me you will always receive 100% of my attention. This, I can promise you. You will never be just a number. I will spend the time to make sure you accomplish your goals so you can live a healthier and happier life.

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